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us Genesys Social Media 2 weeks ago

I Modified these themes to offer a Facebook theme in a different color. Mainly for my own site www.GenesysSocialMedia.com.
It is exactly the same as the original facebook theme made by The Anarchist link below.
Only difference is the color and the logos. everything else is identical.


Now for those of you who want to know how to modify the facebook colors

I used php storm. but adobe dreamweaver works best. bare in mind i used the find and replace feature but set it to all files not just current so it will seek and modify the exact same code in every file in the theme.

1= extract the theme zip file to a directory.
2=open dream weaver
3=go to manage sites and create a new site navigating the folder directory to the root of the theme.
now after you set the directory.
on the bottom right you see servers. make sure its set to local view not FTP
4= navigate to file facebook green\plugins\default\theme\page\elements\header.php

in the header you see the code on the top portion. the code below #FF0000 is my red color modified. use the find and replace to replace this code with whatever color you want. save the php edits in dreamweaver and rezip the file. then upoad to the server your using through themes installer. end you modified the color of the theme. This is Brandon Gibson CEO of Genesys Web Services.
header {
background-color: #FF0000;
border-bottom: 1px solid #FF0000;
color: #fff;
z-index: 1;
padding: 5px;
/height: 85px;/

Sincerely Brandon Gibson CEO www.GenesysWebServices.com Branson Missouri Owner of www.GenesysSocialMedia.com

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ua Estee Andr Replied 1 week ago

Though, I dislike red, but your Theme is so crazy charming and beautiful for me.
Very cool work, Sir!

Indonesian Muh Arief Ikhsan Yafi Replied 2 weeks ago

good theme, I'll try it


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