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German Michael Zülsdorff 2 years ago

Invitations Counter

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German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

I thought of delivering 3.0 with the next step: implementing another entities record to store the inviter with, but since Mary is so impatiently waiting on something to show up, I created an intermediate version dedicated to her: showing the usage of ossn_extend_view. Here, in order to display the inviter on the admin backend.

It makes sense anyway, because the question goes to Balamurali: What exactly do you want to display?
We have learned that the 'user', 'created', callback is returning only a user guid, thus displaying something like invited by 1234 wouldn't be really helpful.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

@Mary, there is no GUI right now this is under development and the whole component is meant for Balamurali discussion as a guidance.

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 2 years ago

Superb. Thank you for 2.0. I will test this and let you know if any issues.

us Mary Greg Replied 2 years ago

I still dont find where to see the note on who was invited by whom. I even used the Version: 2.0 but everything is the same - there is no mention of who invited whom.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Version 2.0 is available now, creating/updating ossn_entities records of type user and subtype members_invited (see new code in SuccessfullyInvitedMembers.php)

For testing I recommend

  • to create a new member (the inviter)
  • let that inviter invite someone new
  • make that one register
  • watch the ossn_entities table (reverse the ordering to see the latest records on top)
  • and compare with your error_log file
in Balamurali Govindan Replied 2 years ago

Thanks Z-Man. I was thinking in the Admin UI, under edit user we add a display-only field "invited by". This will also help in auditing to know who invited.

Also, for the invited user, next to their name, near user points, they could see the Referrals counter similar to the points.

We wanted to give a free lifetime membership and the more they refer they also get a free lifetime premium membership. Just so the invite could bring more users to the platform.

Hope this makes sense. Thank You.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Hmm ... I don't know exactly where Balamurali's idea is aiming at, ask him. ;)

us Mary Greg Replied 2 years ago

~Z~ Man
But where does it appear who is the inviter ? It will be visible in some section of the admin panel or somewhere else?

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Fine, so the code is working correctly. ;)
As I wrote, Version 1.0 is just a skeleton, a starting point to implement your idea.
Actually, there is nothing visible up to now.
Have a look into the com file and turn your error logging on, let an invited member register and watch the flow in your error_log file.
Next you should start phpmyadmin or another database tool and have a closer look at the ossn_entities table. Because that's the table where we have to add and update the counter records in Version 2.0

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 2 years ago

I installed and tested this.

Z-Man, where do I see the Counter in the UI? I checked the timeline, user account settings, in the user points area etc, but couldn't locate. Please advise. Thank You.


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