Best regard all team ossn softlab24 etc here

Robert Pera Posted in Component Development 2 years ago

Hi team everyone

read my link post on my new social network


You are welcome to my new social network

Steven downer please take a look my social network if is protected or not

My webiste link contact us 1 updated stewen you can check

For all team of Ossn and softlab24 you can join free on my social network and be admin there.

Big respect for all you guys.

Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

Better steven do not bother me again is okay go look your self better is ///

Tatar Steven downer Replied 2 years ago

You are both acting like children.

@Robert, In the first place, I have already indicated I am not interested in your services. Quite frankly, your "services" I have seen thus far are very child-like and amateurish. I with my limited knowledge can do better and I have done.

Your "website" is just a few links to other sites that we can all access anyways, so you are not offering anything new. Besides that, You should not really be using this forum for free advertising of your "services". You are actually wasting people's time on this forum and I do wish the admins remove this and other posts of yours.

You come onto this forum with a very bad attitude and you are disrespectful to other members. This is a forum for OSSN, not your "services". If you have a legitimate problem with using OSSN then post it and I am sure others will help you.

I will ask you to please not tag me in any of your posts in this forum, unless it has to specifically do with an OSSN related issue. I do not require your assistance nor do I want to join your social network nor do I want to engage with you on email nor do I want to have a look at your "services" when I can get far better where I am.

I joined this forum for support and to give support to/from other OSSN users. I am not here to "take a look your social network if is protected or not " when you have clearly indicated that you can fix such problems yourself.

I am not an admin here, I am just a user. if i were an admin here I would have removed your posts long time ago.

I wish you well in your work but I will ask you to stop flooding this forum with non-OSSN related issues and please do not tag me again...

Thank you and good luck.

Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

bob oweka i have detect your ip you was detect as user and thank but corrently we are update our social network fast24 tk in other way if u have any question contact me on email [email protected]

i never scammed someone in my life

god punish me if i lie you because you are person with good heart bob i know you believe in god and god bless your femely and your feature etc god gift you everything you like in your life i hope i see you king with all power money etc what you want

Uigur Oweka Bob Patrick Replied 2 years ago site is off and Not working, its good to share ideas and help other people develop their social platform as well through OSSN But not asking people to look for your help, its like coming to my workshop and telling my customers that your better than me and all my customers should come to u and u could solve their problems better than me, that's wrong in business. this community is of "ideas sharing" if you have more GIFTS God/Allah has blessed you with, then help someone in this group here, develop components and themes to benefit others here, this is what this community is about Brother Robert Pera I know your so enthusiastic about your experience, please share it here and let us see.

Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

Arsalan Shah delete this post and read my message on email [email protected]

i understand and i promise will not happen that again to post here like ardvisting etc isn't allowed i know all rules of security concorcne etc bro read my email also i have made you admin on my social you can do everything you like there you are my best friends ever i know in internet

You are full person with big heart

only understand me i never scam you or lie etc

maybe im hacker but not cheater scammer etc i trust you and you must trust me ..

i don;t want from you money etc my request simple stay in my social network post etc no problem whatever you do here and if u remvoe me from admin im stil happy with you..

Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

arsalan please join on my social network and use uc browser

test my social network if work better or not?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago


Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

Arsalan yeah correctly but that was just for regarding you all

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

@Robert, you can post link only if your website based on OSSN.

Russian Robert Pera Replied 2 years ago

What i have done for example i didn't something bad

anyone can share thier opnion . i didn't scam you or offend etc