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This component/theme doesn't work with the latest OSSN version.
in sathish kumar 5 years ago

Please note:

This component is no more completely compatible with Ossn 4.x.: Images within postings will be cut off vertically. For update see


Without Readmore a posting containing 100 lines is 100 lines long. Wow, really? Yes! :)

WITH Readmore the posting will be truncated after 10 lines and a clickable "Readmore" appears at the bottom in order to uncollapse the hidden 90 ones.

Readmore Component for Ossn

Thanks to jeffoster for Nice Js .

If you want setup some setting check the document with below link

Breton William Silva Replied 3 months ago

I can't translate into Portuguese

Breton William Silva Replied 3 months ago

I can't translate into Portuguese

ng Darry James Replied 4 years ago

This read more component also show read more on users images.
Please re-modify and update this component to the latest version.
Read more should only be shown to long texts and comments.
It shouldn't show read more on images. Make it to allow the images shown in full.

uy Jose Rodriguez Replied 4 years ago

It does not work in 4.0

in Sathish kumar Replied 5 years ago

<a href=""Claus Lampert</a>
ossn v4 is not officially released . wait for the release . if you want you can download from github

German Claus Lampert Replied 5 years ago

Please update vor Version 4.0 (Postings and Comments)

in Sathish kumar Replied 5 years ago

Did u install it fresh ? . because I checked with the latest my upgrading old one ..

ke George Otieno Replied 5 years ago

Looks like this component is not compatible with Ossn 3.3 have downloaded latest version 2.3 and uploaded it and installed it but i cannot see it on the list of installed components even though it is telling me readmore successfully installed

What to do?

in Sathish kumar Replied 5 years ago

it will work on comment to .

Thang ngo Replied 5 years ago

The component only works on the post not the comment, If you want it works for comment you should hook to the component to edit JS and a little PHP code for making the script works on comment. If any one need help please contact me via [email protected] or skype thangnn1510.


Developer: sathish
License GPL v2
Type: Tools
Minimum Requirement: 4.x
Latest Version: 2.4
Last Updated 4 years ago
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