How to report a issue on github/community


To report a issue on Github following conditions must be followed:

  1. Ossn version
  2. PHP version
  3. Error message
  4. Error Log
  5. Issue screenshots
  6. Cache enabled/disabled
  7. Apache version (optional)
  8. MySQL version (if possible)
  9. Your website link (if possible)

Before submitting a bug report

  • Search for an existing ticket on the issue you’re having.
  • Verify the problem is reproducible

    • On the latest version of Ossn
    • With all third-party components disabled
  • Tickets with support requests will be closed.
  • Tickets with feature requests will be closed.
  • We cannot make any guarantees as to when your ticket will be resolved.

After submitting a bug report
- Wait until core team reply you.
- Do what core-team says, don't argue with core team.

[NOTE: The conditions above applied on all members except core team