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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Zet Man 1 year ago

This is basically a copy of the HelloWorld component which additionally shows:

how to address and load a separate page (file of php/html code)
how to make this page the new default index page of your community.
how to unregister an Ossn default action and register your own action instead
German Zet Man Replied 11 months ago

You can add whatever HTML you want to logged_in_index.php or logged_off_index.php.
See http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp for examples and other HTML stuff.
For page column layout and keeping things responsive have a look at http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/

Indonesian Rifo Syah Putra Replied 11 months ago

Zet Man Can you tell me how to add image in this component?

German Zet Man Replied 12 months ago

I'm sorry, but i don't understand what you mean.

ng Moneya Replied 12 months ago

Zet Man Can you add support on how to create a widget from this component?

eg Alaa Morsy Replied 1 year ago

nice man


Developer: Zet
License GPL v2
Type: Uncategorized
Ossn Version: 4.x
Latest Version: 1.0
Last Updated 1 year ago
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