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German Claus Lampert 8 years ago

The component displays the OSSN-Search-Slot (users and groups) in the sidebar on the right. Additional, an individual HTML-Code can be displayed above the search-slot.
The component uses 99% of the source-code from the component "HTMLSidebar" from Arsalan Shah, so it´s not really my work.

mx Alam Gonzalez Replied 7 years ago

how to do a search by publication?????


Turkish Gazi CANDAN Replied 7 years ago

it is good. i like it.

Bulgarian Rumen Zapryanov Replied 7 years ago

As I see the component search users and groups. How can it be parameterized to search by word in th ewhole page? If I want to find something in some old post .... just to type a word and find it?

German Claus Lampert Replied 8 years ago

The original search-slot from the OSSN-navigation (and the code from Arsalan Shah) has no button either :-)

Breton Felipe Trote Replied 8 years ago

only it was lacking to have created a button


Developer: Claus
License GPL v2
Type: Tools
Requires Ossn Version : 4.x
Latest Version: 1.0
Last Updated 8 years ago
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