Homelancer Topbar Download 1.1

This component/theme doesn't work with the latest OSSN version.
ph Rally Homelancer 7 years ago

Inspired by the post of Roger Ghostraven and Poonam Sehrawat on the Ossn community

Homelancer Topbar puts the top bar on a fixed position and adds a Home icon to the topbar menu.

us Roman Lohov Replied 4 years ago

Why not just edit themes/goblue/plugins/default/css/core/default.php

.topbar {
    background: #0b769c;
    color: #fff;
    z-index: 1;
    position: relative;
    height: 48px;

position: fixed;

Catalan Chris Aug Replied 5 years ago

Hi i was wondering if you can update this component to work with latest version

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 7 years ago

Yes, I meant the sidebar menu.

And maybe it would be wise to simply combine topbar and scroller in a completely new theme?

At least my idea of a perfect component is: It should add some new functionality only - no visuals, usable in any theme without dependencies.

If a component relies on too many elements of a given theme, it's no longer independently usable and should be bound TO that very theme.

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 7 years ago

Hi Rally,

Thanks for replying and telling me the proper way to add screen shots. And yes Iwas using my gmail to upload images.

Here are the screen shots of the three issues with the Top Bar.

Extra Home Icon for non logged-in user on Desktop

Extra Home icon for non logged-in user Mobile devices

The white triangle disappear on desktop for logged-in users


ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

Version 1.1 release:
-Added responsive topbar fixes. This fix always shows the top menu bar icons (menu with the home icon)

On the floating menu, do you mean the sidebar? I'm thinking of putting that on the HomeScroller. So that it acts like what the ads on the right is locked when it reaches its bottom.

Or should the sidebar scroller lock be added here? Or maybe combine the HomeScroller and HomeTopbar into one component?

@Poonam Sehrawat
I can't view the screenhots that you mentioned. It seems you are trying to attach images from your GMail account.

You should attach pictures using some public accessible sites like https://imgur.com/

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 7 years ago

Still needs some work as I'm running into issues with some width ranges (Latest Firefox on Win10):

  • 991-only: very special 1 pixel range (all icons moved down)
  • 992-to-1199: notification icon moved down

And it feels strange that the main menu is still scrolling up while the header stays in fixed position

See accompanying screenshots on https://newblue.ongolito.net/demofiles/homelancer-topbar/

The absolute range values may be different depending on your screen resolution

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 7 years ago

Hi Rally,

Here are the screen shots of the three issues with the Top Bar.

Home icon for non logged-in user on mobile

Home Icon for no Logged-in users on Desktop

The Account Setting menu (small white triangle)disappear for logged-in users on desktop

Hope you can apply a fix for these issues. Thanks

us Roger Ghostraven Replied 7 years ago

Thank you Rally.

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 7 years ago

Hi Rally,

I just notice these two issues;

A) When a user is logged in on Desktop, and clicks on the 3 horizontal bars which reveals the side menu, the small white triangle on the extreme of the Top Bar disappears. I am referring to the white triangle which reveals the account settings.

B) When a user is not logged-in on both Mobile Device & Desktop, an extra white home icon is appearing on the right corner of the Top Bar.

I am sure that this just require some fine tuning. Appreciate if you can please look into this and apply a fix to the component.

Once again thanks for offering this great component. Thanks.

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 7 years ago

Thanks a lot Rally, your efforts are appreciated. Good job done ! keep it up...Rhanks


Developer: Rally
License GPL v2
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 4.x
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 7 years ago
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