Audio Video Call

German Alex Daniel 3 years ago

Allow your website users to do audio/video call to each other via google hangout. Please login into our website to download this component for free.

Please visit our website to download the component :

Please note: You need to register an account on
first, then the download button will appear.

us John Miller Replied 2 months ago

I have tried with each theme, the hangout option isn't there on Android.

np Pratyush Khatiwada Replied 4 months ago

Hey friend can you please add a component of zoom for audio video call !! Please

mx Lidia espinal hernandez Replied 6 months ago

Doesn't work am i downloaded the wrong one

us Elliot Alderson Replied 6 months ago

not visibal on mobile devices. please fix this

German Martin Korn Replied 6 months ago

my ossn says this is not a zip archiv

se Anthony Gallon Replied 7 months ago

Hi Aj, I have just been working on an integration of Jitsi-Meet. I've put it up for a small fee to respect the licensing terms because it's really just the starting point for the vision I have.

You can download it right away after checkout here:

ph Aj andang Replied 8 months ago

Hi guys is there anyone can create me a video call components aside front this components I am willing to pay.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

It appears on user profile page it is simply a google hangout button. Go to user profile there you should see it.

us Muhammad Adeel Replied 2 years ago

I enable this component but the call button does not appear please tell me how to configure

dk Amer El-khatib Replied 2 years ago

Hello friends
do you now how to or
where to find vi audio video call component??
i tryed several times but cant find enywhere ....


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Type: Third Party integrations
Minimum Requirement: 4.x
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