Custom User Fields2.3 (Commercial)

Dutch Dieter Marohn 7 months ago

Dutch language file for the Custom User Fields Component.
Custom User Fields is a commercial component and can be bought for USD29:

Dutch Dieter Marohn Replied 7 months ago

I got it...i thought they must be separated because they are not standard components. But oke, i fix it...

Dutch Dieter Marohn Replied 7 months ago i need to delete them and do it like you said?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 7 months ago

He Dieter, you don't need to create separate project for each langauge file for each component,
Just take a look following and you can upload it once!

You need to place all the langauge files in respective folder like For components, components/SomeName/locale/

and once done just zip them and upload it here at once, you can see above language pack for example!


Developer: Dieter
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Type: Language packs
Ossn Version: 4.x
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