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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 2 years ago

Display Username

displays the member's username (nick) instead of firstname/lastname throughout your community.
The admin backend is left untouched.

Different languages files are already in place but still need to be translated.

This component cannot be enabled in parallel with Anonymous
and vice versa. Either one of them has to be disabled first.


V 1.3

  • component compatibility check added
  • Indonesion language file added

V 1.2

  • make friendspicker display and search for usernames, too

V 1.1

  • function names cleanup
  • license update

V 1.0
initial release

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 weeks ago


please stop flooding all of my component threads with the same ""Unable to install theme. " report.
If you can't install a theme, then post your issue on that very theme page and not anywhere else.
Thank you.

Icelandic Tiago Serodio Replied 4 weeks ago

Well, Murphy's Law in action… as soon as I posted the comment below, I though of disabling Mentions, then adding this one, and it worked.

Icelandic Tiago Serodio Replied 4 weeks ago

hey @zetman - I can install Mention Users with @, but this component says "Unable to install theme. Make sure it is compatible with the OSSN version you are using." I am using OSSN 5.2 - any idea how to fix?


Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv4
Type: Tools
Minimum Requirement: 5.2
Latest Version: 1.3
Last Updated 3 months ago
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