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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 1 year ago


This is a helper component in first place working under the hood and taking care of proper WYSIWYG editor initialization.

Version 2.5 comes with multi-language support now. That is, if you surround your text like ...

<div class="textarea-language-en">
Your English text will be displayed here ...

<div class="textarea-language-de">
Dein deutscher Text w├╝rde hier erscheinen ...

... depending on the last two characters of textarea-language-XX using

XX = de (German) or XX = el (Greek) or XX = en (English) or XX = eo (Esperanto) or XX = es (Spanish) or XX = fr (French) or XX = he (Hebrew) or XX = it (Italian) or XX = ja (Japanese) or XX = nl (Dutsch) or XX = pt (Portugese) or XX = ro (Romanian) or XX = ru (Russian) or XX = tr (Turkish)

only that part of the texarea content will be displayed which complies to the currently chosen language of the logged-in member, while the other parts are hidden.


V 2.5

  • New setting "Javascript and SVG support". Since it has been shown that the SVG support added with version 2.2 brings the same dangers as the activation of Javascript, both options have been combined and can only be activated or deactivated together now.
  • added multilanguage support

V 2.4

  • included site's bootstrap css now to achieve better 1:1 results between editor preview and final view on site

V 2.3

  • fixed issue with disappearing input field labels

V 2.2

  • added SVG Support for Ossn WYSIWYG editor (any valid SVG may be entered via Tools -> Source code now)
  • added missing language files

V 2.1

  • handling of field label fixed

V 2.0

  • initial release

Developer's note:
Don't code any <textarea>....</textarea> elements anymore.
Instead, use the built-in plugin of this component like

echo ossn_plugin_view('input/textarea', array(
    'label' => 'LABEL_OF_TEXTAREA',
    'class' => 'ossn-editor',
    'name'  => 'NAME_OF_TEXTAREA',
    'value' => html_entity_decode(CONTENT_OF_TEXTAREA)

especially if you want to pass your field to TinyMCE.

As TextareaSupport takes care of proper TinyMCE loading and initialization, there's no more need of referencing the editor's javascript in your own component in any way.

gb Szsocial WebsiteHostingVPS Replied 1 month ago

Thank you for your work much appreciated.


Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv3
Type: Third Party integrations
Minimum Requirement: 5.2
Latest Version: 2.5
Last Updated 2 months ago
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