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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 2 years ago

Country Selector

adds a "Country" selector to your member's account settings page and the registration page.

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For your convenience, all Ossn default language files are already in place, but (except of the English and German ones) still need translation. Volunteers are welcome!

Feel free to send your translations to

[email protected]


V 1.7

  • seamless integration with Create Account form (removed label - replaced by placeholder)
  • added Chinese language files

V 1.6

  • pre-requisites check added
  • language files update to 5.2
  • license update

V 1.5

  • German translation complete (thanks go to Holger A.)

V 1.4

  • country selector added to registration form
  • added missing language files

V 1.3

  • fix sort order of special characters like É, À, etc.

V 1.2

  • countries are sorted correctly now according to your chosen language
  • 3 glitches in language files corrected:

    line #72 estonia
    line #81 frenchsouthern
    line #196 saudiarabia

In case you have already started translation simply compare these 3 lines to your own file and add the corrections.

V 1.1
displays the chosen country on the Premium 'Custom User Fields' About page as well as on the About page of the free 'aboutuser' component.
V 1.0
Initial Release

German Bob Weston Replied 3 months ago

Nevermind! It needed my Mobile number or it wouldn't save.. the componant works as advertised!
Good job!

German Bob Weston Replied 3 months ago

Hi ~Z~Man.. I just installed this and went to edit my profile.. it showed as "Afghanistan" so I changed it to "Germany" and saved it but it keeps reverting back to "Afghanistan".. what am i doing wrong?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

I appreciate your offer, Gabriel!

Please send your translation(s) to [email protected]
and I will include them with the next update.

Portuguese Gabriel Carvalho Replied 4 months ago

if you need i can translate to portuguese from french, english, or spanish
my e-mail [email protected]
Whatsapp +351935086808

German Holger A. Replied 8 months ago

Okay, thank you. I didn't change the parameter on the left column; I only asked because the name of Macedonia changed to Northern Macdeionia

German ~Z~ Man Replied 8 months ago

Thanks for contributing, Holger!
Your translation is part of V 1.5 now.

As for changing macedonia to northernmacediona: That's wrong! Never change the left column of a language file.

German Holger A. Replied 8 months ago

Done, a few seconds ago. What has to be done for all laguage files: change the country parameter 'macedonia" to 'northermnacedonia'. I tried to do this in the German language, it doesn't work. So I had to translate 'macedonia' to 'Nordmazedonien'.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 8 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, Holger.

You're welcome to send a COMPLETE translation to the address shown above.

German Holger A. Replied 8 months ago

Hi, I have discovered some errors in the German language file:
The topic has to be changed to "Land" instead of "Country", and the new Name of Macedonia (German: Mazedonien) is Northern Macedonia (German: Nordmazedonien).
I made theses changes in the German language file. Maybe someone could change the name from "Macedonia" to "Northern Macedonia" in the other language files.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 8 months ago

Yeah, but not before next winter.
If you want to participate in developing you can collect the states and cities in the meantime.


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