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German Arsalan Shah 9 months ago

A theme based on default goblue theme, it have larger sidebar with small width. Have bigger topbar. This is a initial version, you are welcome for bug reports, fixes https://github.com/lianglee/Flexi

Components recommended : Social Login, Mobile App, (latest member is included) , blog

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Login Page


  1. very limited usability on screen widths from 767px - 1141px #7
us Nelson Rogers Replied 4 months ago

All these theme problems were six months ago. Have they been solved? If so why has that not been posted?

German Andre kutzner Replied 7 months ago

Very nice themes only I do not come on my own profile or I think the link is not only on the pin board

Zuang Mark Lashmar Replied 9 months ago

Hi Arsalan Shah

Thank you for the update. I would like to know if its possible to change the background image and the logo as the component for image and footer is disabled in this theme.

Keep up the good work


German Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

It seems there is currently bug in checking in core for themes, i have temporary changed requirement to v4.6 to make it work on v5.0 (for button issue download v1.2)

Please run it only on OSSN v5.0

Zuang Mark Lashmar Replied 9 months ago

Hello Arsalan Shah

I too tried to activate it and get the same results as David Exodus. I am using the updated version of 5.0 ossn.


ch David Exodus Replied 9 months ago

I can't activate it. Im on OSSN 5.0 premium.enter image description here

us Bansh33 - Replied 9 months ago

can you post a screenshot of how it looks from a mobile browser?


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv3
Type: Themes
Ossn Version: 5.x
Latest Version: 1.3
Last Updated 6 months ago
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