Group Invitation Download 1.1

German Arsalan Shah 2 years ago

Invite your friends into the group.


- Added ossnaddhook('notification:participants', 'groupinvite'... false) ... to avoid sending notification to other users.

us Nathan Bliss Replied 6 months ago

I have premium version... I have this installed by default. I cannot find the link or icon that takes me to where I invite users to my group I have created. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Breton Caroline Milk Replied 12 months ago

In Portuguese the text is blank in the notification received from the invitation

gb Catalin Pandele Replied 12 months ago

Hello Arsalan Shah,

I installed the widget which is a great one and thank you for your contribution!
For some reason when I go to invite someone in a group the widget is displayed as you can see in the screenshot.

Is there anything wrong that I do?
What is your advise?

Catalin enter image description here

Breton Erlan Carreira Replied 12 months ago

I found a bug in this plugin. If Fulano creates a group and invites Beltrano who is an admin, Beltrano invites Cicrano and Fulano receives an invitation to join the group itself

Breton Gennaro Vela Replied 2 years ago

Very good, I could see the support for languages ​​in Portuguese appears like this

enter image description here

Breton Gennaro Vela Replied 2 years ago

Very good, i could see the support for languages ​​in Portuguese appears like this


German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 years ago

Most likely you didn't disable cache before you applied your translation.

During normal operation (= cache ENABLED) all localization arrays will be cached, too. Thus, if you want to apply any changes, cache needs to be DISABLED first.

German Hamble Bamble Replied 2 years ago

I tried to create a german language-file (

* Open Source Social Network
* @packageOpen Source Social Network
* @author Open Social Website Core Team <[email protected]>
* @copyright (C) SOFTLAB24 LIMITED
* @license OSSN License
* @link
$de = array(
'groupinvite:widget:title' => 'Freunde einladen',
'groupinvite:widget:desc' => 'Wähle deine Freunde aus!',
'groupinvite:invite' => 'Einladen',
'groupinvite:sent' => 'Die Einladung wurde verschickt.',
'ossn:notifications:groupinvite' => '%s hat dich eingeladen, der Gruppe <strong>%s</strong> beizutreten.',
ossn_register_languages('de', $de);

The result is : groupinvite:widget:title displayed instead the translation. What do I wrong??

ge John johnny Replied 2 years ago

Thats great!


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv3
Type: Themes
Minimum Requirement: 5.0
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 12 months ago
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