Animated Gif Support Download 1.0

German Arsalan Shah 3 months ago

Allow users to upload animated gif to the website.

Thanks to ZetMan for implementation of animated gif to the system.

Requires OSSN v5.1 minimum

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

This can only work in v5.1 due to the availability of support in Ossn v5.1

gr Greta Kane Replied 2 months ago

anything for version 5.0 please ???

Romanian Nicolae-Ilie Gagiu Replied 2 months ago

Why can't I activate the component?
![I can't seem to activate the component ][1]

enter image description here


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv3
Type: Photos and Images
Ossn Version: 5.x
Latest Version: 1.0
Last Updated 3 months ago
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