SEO with Open Graph and META Download 1.1

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Daniel Teich 3 years ago

SEO component with META tags, Twitter META tags, Google Site Verification and Open Graph.

You can edit your META and Open Graph information within Admin configuration Tab under "SEO Settings"

German and English (not so good) translations included.

Version 1.1: some extensions and improvements

Turkish Barış demirok Replied 2 years ago

Hi. It looks like a nice component, but I couldn't fill in the fields to fill in. Can you show me an example for this?

gb Shaf Brady Replied 3 years ago

NIce, thanks for sharing this much appreciated.

German Daniel Teich Replied 3 years ago

Thank you for your opinion ~Z~ Man. In the beginning I was a little unsure whether a meta title tag makes sense. However, I have read that smaller search engines use it in some cases for content. That's why I left it in there. For example, google and other major search engines ignore it. I think it is not wrong if something is written in

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

Many thanks, Daniel.

I'm not sure about the name="title" tag, though.
Found some web discussions that it will be ignored by search engines in favor for <title> as the real relevant one.

German Daniel Teich Replied 3 years ago

with pleasure. :) I think that it could be useful for some people

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 years ago

Very Nice Daniel, much appreciated for the contribution :)


Developer: Daniel
License GPL v2
Type: Site admin
Requires Ossn Version : 5.x
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 3 years ago
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