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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 2 weeks ago

Goblue More Hooks

Just a showcase to demonstrate the flexibility of Ossn
and how to place the content created by the HtmlSidebar component on top of the newsfeed on mobile devices.

Yes, it's simply a derivate of the Goblue standard theme - so what has been been changed?

  • goblue-more-hooks/plugins/default/theme/page/layout/newsfeed.php: a new hook call referencing the position 'newsfeed', 'center:top' has been added in the beginning to receive some extra content
  • a new div of class newsfeed-middle-top has been inserted right before newsfeed-middle to display the content

So far for the content position. What else? Since we want the content to be displayed on mobile devices only (and it's already available in the right sidebar on large screens) the above mentioned div needs some extra css. And this css has been added to ...

  • goblue-more-hooks/plugins/default/css/core/default.php: Simply search for the new class newsfeed-middle-top and you'll find 3 occurrences (just for convenience I added different background colors to make the screen width breakpoints visible)

That's all.

This theme NEEDS the ExtraContent component !

Russian Robert Pera Replied 3 days ago

wait next week i will develop new theme for this social?!

Tatar Steven downer Replied 1 week ago

@~Z~ Man,

I can confirm that I have adapted your code to install two versions...one for the HTML Sidebar and one for the OSSN Ads for mobile views....and we can of course alter to show one or the other first in the feed. Thus far they work.... We will continue to beta test this before we deploy it in Live.

Once again. thanks

Tatar Steven downer Replied 1 week ago

@~Z~ Man,

Seeing that it is "experimental", I have taken the liberty to adapt this for the OSSN Ads component.

My own experiment with this shows it works for the OSSN Ads too, but I obviously, at the moment, have one or the other, not both displaying in mobile views.

It is what I was looking for, in particular for the Sponsored Ads as these will be fee earners for revenue.

I am just trying to work out how to install both to display.

Tatar Steven downer Replied 1 week ago


Indeed, I am adopting it as we speak.
I feel this would benefit all OSSN Community sites who have a fair number of mobile users, not just myself.

@~Z~ Man,

I note that the component/theme says "experimental"....I have installed and beta testing it/them. Can this be used in a Live environment? (the word "experimental"). the only modification I have done so far is background colour at different resolutions.

So far so good....no complaints.

It is....what was required for mobile use...thank you.

It is, thus far, a very good bit of coding to achieve the end, again praise and acknowledgement is due to yourself. I may well study your coding to better my understanding...

Thanks again

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

❤️ very nice :) I hope steven will look into these and will adopt these component to achieve his need.


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Latest Version: 1.0
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