Fancybox Download 1.5

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Arsalan Shah 5 years ago

This component will open a images in newsfeed into fancybox image viewer:

Discussed here:

Fancybox 1.5

Users graphic disappear in admin dashboard #2

ua Estee Andr Replied 3 months ago

Thank you very much!

Breton Jonathan Goncalves Replied 2 years ago

I'm using the OSSN 4.4 (Premium), on Goblue theme and this plugins is not working.
When I click in the picture, is the same as nothing.

in Spate Davis Replied 3 years ago
down load this fancy box from the above link you will get a sollution to your problem.......

us David Castrejon Replied 4 years ago

Is this no longer working? Installed and Enabled, doesn't seem to do anything.

Catalan Chris kenny Replied 4 years ago

Please update this component to the latest version.

Gracjan Deresz Replied 4 years ago

It doesn't work...?
Can click on added photos to zoom / open in fancybox.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 years ago

Working example can be found at

I was unable to post the code here correctly,
get my original posting from

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 years ago

perhaps you could tell us which way you're expecting your idea to work?

Currently, clicking an album thumb leads to a new page including the large picture and the ability to comment, or to remove the photo if you are the owner.

If you're going to wire the click event to fancybox instead, this option will be lost because a fancybox picture(-gallery) will be displayed.

Maybe there's a chance to make the link to the large picture page part of fancybox's title/caption.

Hungarian Vilmos Molnár Replied 5 years ago

OssnPhotos albumba nem lehetne integrálni?

Nguyễn Bá Tân Replied 5 years ago

Hi Zet Man,

Where you add function afterClose?



Developer: Arsalan
License GPL v2
Type: Photos and Images
Ossn Version: 4.x
Latest Version: 1.5
Last Updated 3 years ago
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