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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
Indonesian Arsalan Shah 9 years ago

This component will open a images in newsfeed into fancybox image viewer:

Discussed here:

Fancybox 2.1

  • Refactoring the JS code.
  • Moved to js/ instead of head.
  • Fixed issued with already existing photos not showing fancybox unless some ajaxComplete is performed. (as mentioned by Michael).

Fancybox 2.0 by Rafael Amorim

  • Fancybox open after pagination load
  • Using fancybox v.4, instead v.2
  • Added language support
  • Add option to show or not fancybox in photo albums

Fancybox 1.5

Users graphic disappear in admin dashboard #2

Hungarian Tamás Varga Replied 10 months ago

I found a bug in fancybox version 2.4. fancybox.init.php line 31 TOGGLEZOOM: Ossn.Print('fancybox:toggle:zoom') correct line: TOGGLEZOOM: Ossn.Print('fancybox:toggle_zoom')

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Sorry, I'd better had addressed my post as @Arsalan. This is no solution to enlarging, just a superflous log output.

Hungarian Tamás Varga Replied 2 years ago

Michael: Please write the solution here so that I can understand it. :)
I don't understand programming. I don't know where the line is to be banned.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

please disable console.log($(this).attr('data-fancybox'));

Hungarian Tamás Varga Replied 2 years ago

I think it would be helpful if the images in the post and comment could all be enlarged. Now only the images in the post can be enlarged.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Glad to hear it worked :)

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

👍 can confirm 2.1 is fixing my reported issue.

2.0 is indeed working with Chat enabled, but most of the time I have disabled it, that's how I stumbled upon the issue :)

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Uploaded new version sorry I hadn't got chance to look it properly last night I spent 5 hours migrating customer site and then in end some issues appeared with receiving emails appeared to be issue with bug with some VPS panel :) My mind was closed during upload.

Breton Rafael [] Replied 2 years ago


I tested it on two different instances of OSSN and it worked equally and as I wanted. Perhaps another $(document).ready is needed to cater for all the different page loading modes. This I don't know, as I've only been in contact with the OSSN for a little over 2 months.

What I couldn't do, due to lack of time, is the display of photos from an album as a group, in the timeline. As it is now, all the photos in the albums are displayed together. This behavior is not what I want, but the intention was to update the component and ask for help to resolve this issue :-)


[UPDATE] To better understanding of the instances, one of them uses with GoBlue 6.0 theme and another use with White Theme 6.1

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Thank you.

But it's only working if any $(document).ajaxComplete event had happened before - like adding a NEW photo post or triggering Autopagination for example.
Simply reloading the newsfeed page and clicking that same photo fails.
So most likely it needs some $(document).ready code, too.


Developer: Arsalan
License GPL v2
Type: Photos and Images
Requires Ossn Version : 6.1
Latest Version: 2.4
Last Updated 10 months ago
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