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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 1 week ago

The Closer

A showcase on how to close the notification box by clicking just 'somewhere' on the page.

Feel free to add the code for closing other elements.

ve Gustavo Granadino Replied 17 hours ago

Por lo visto nadie quizo el código que le mencioné en mi comentario anterior!.

ve Gustavo Granadino Replied 1 week ago

Tengo un pedazo de código para integrarlo en el sistema de comentario como facebook (los usuarios me los están pidiendo), alguien puede modificarlo para integrarlo a ossn?...

Se trata donde sale me gusta, me divierte, me enoja, me encanta etc!... Puedes contactarme a [email protected]

gb Szsocial WebsiteHostingVPS Replied 1 week ago

I see the person posting was joking but this is not something you should joke about. You must behave yourself online and communication must be civilised.

German Daniel Teich Replied 1 week ago

god damn.. I love you :-D I like it very much. thanks for that

Tatar Steven downer Replied 1 week ago

Downloaded and installed.

Works pretty damn good....

Well done and Thank you

al Robert Pera Replied 1 week ago

make that two factor authentication i will kill you if not do that

good script this note 9.


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