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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 6 months ago

Anonymous Registration

Registering with just one click? Who of us has never dreamed of that. With Anonymous Registration this dream comes true allowing curious visitors to easily access your site without having to disclose any personal information.

Your frontpage will look like:

enter image description here

and the prospective member can decide whether to register as just a random 10-digit number or with an individual username. After having clicked Create Now! a window with the login credentials pops up:

enter image description here

As you will notice with the next step, Anonymous Registration indeed has created just another regular account:

enter image description here

and it's up to your new member to either delete the account right after registering, stay anonymous, or to personalize his data.

When using Anonymous Registration in conjunction with Member Avatars your member might even get a nice profile picture instantly.

1. This component cannot be enabled in parallel with Disable User Activation By Mail and vice versa. Either one of them has to be disabled first.
2. This component cannot be enabled in parallel with Display Username and vice versa. Either one of them has to be disabled first.
3. This component cannot be enabled in parallel with Mobile Login and vice versa. Either one of them has to be disabled first.


V 1.2

  • the pre-requisites reCaptcha and GDPR needed by V 1.1 have been removed
  • added Chinese language file

V 1.1

  • allow registering as a random number or with an individual username
  • added Indonesian language file, license update

V 1.0

  • initial release
German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

FYI: Because of many requests to free this component from its
pre-requisites GDPR and reCaptcha I have removed this
dependency with V 1.2 now - which results in a real

The drawback: Registering will become scriptable this way. So don't be
surprised to find hundreds of new accounts the next day. And that's
why I can only strongly recommend to install at least Captcha or
reCaptcha in parallel. But of course that's up to you.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago


mx Lidia espinal hernandez Replied 3 months ago

wouldnt that alow people to do what they want and possible be a negitive feture for admins i love being anonymous but i dont think i would like havign someone running around my site starting mayham and not know who ti was

us Bansh33 - Replied 4 months ago

Well, it looks nice and all, but I don't really see much usefulness since there is already a way to allow people to view your OSSN site without registering (i.e. don't install the "Private Network" component and just put a link to /home on the login page so unregistered users can access the site). What's the point of an "anonymous registered user" vs "anonymous non-registered user"? Just that the registered user gets a profile? I really don't see why an anonymous/curious user would possibly want a profile AS an anonymous user. If they like the site after browsing it, why not just have them register as a normal user?

A much better idea imo would be to give users the option to "anonymize" a particular post (to the newsfeed, to a group, as a comment, etc) by displaying a randomly generated ID instead of the user's name/picture. That is similar to how it's done at

Just my opinion - I know you and I don't particularly like each other, so take it for what it's worth, or don't.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 6 months ago

As already said in the beginning:
A username cannot be changed in Ossn. You may change anything else, though, Firstname, Lastname ... whatever you want.

gb SzSocial Media Replied 6 months ago

@~Z~ Man I see, some users are asking for normal accounts, i told them just change your username, so that would be sufficient enough i believe?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 6 months ago

You can't.
And actually I don't see no reason to have both options in place.

gb SzSocial Media Replied 6 months ago

How can I also display normal registration too?

gb SzSocial Media Replied 6 months ago

NIce thanks!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 months ago

Nice update


Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv4
Type: Site admin
Minimum Requirement: 5.4
Latest Version: 1.2
Last Updated 2 months ago
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