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German ~Z~ Man 6 months ago

Mastermind Game

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If you've never heard of Mastermind, the easiest way to get familiarized is:

  1. start the game from the sidebar on the left
  2. click RULES to read the instructions
  3. reduce the number of colors to only 2
  4. choose any color and drag it to the first row until the row is completed
  5. click the GUESS button
  6. if your guess was wrong, proceed with step 4 and fill the next row ... and so on

The game gives you an instant feedback by means of the 4 little pins then:

  • no pin and gameboard vibrating: your guess was completely wrong
  • one or more white pins: color is ok, but wrong positon. (the screenshot shows: your color guess was perfect, but all positons are wrong)
  • one or more red pins: color and position are ok. (the screenshot shows that changing the first two elements was a step in the right direction: 2 colors are placed perfectly now, but it still needs some re-arranging)

Your task: Find the correct color sequence with a minimum of guessing!

The core javascript part of this game has been developed by Johanna Fulghum and Giulia Lake


V 1.3

  • sidebar menu entry moved from 'Links' to new separate 'Games' section

V 1.2

  • adapted requirements to Ossn 5.4

V 1.1

  • added Chinese language file
gb SzSocial Media Replied 6 months ago

Wow, cool thanks for sharing much appreciated.


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