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us Roman Lohov 11 months ago

Allows Admin to add Rss Feed in Admin Panel, to show on the right side and on top of the user feed in mobile. Contains all language packs but only 2 translated(english and russian)

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Version 1.0 -
* Standalone style, edit css the way you wan't it.
Version 1.1 -
* Uses OSSN style to fit custom themes. (Based on ~Z~ Man observation)
* Added config explanation, where to change amount of news and max characters to display. Located in /content.php
Version 1.2
* Fixed bug when using RssFeed and HTMLSidebar at the same time. (Thanks to Theyador Leeper).

us John Miller Replied 7 months ago

Working as intended on green by green.
That said, how would we go about adding the feed to the landing page, maybe just under the login fields (mobile)??
Looking to generate content for adsense approval.


German ~Z~ Man Replied 9 months ago

@Greg and Tango
I'm just wondering what may be your idea of fixing an issue if we don't even know the source?

So, please provide the RSS feed urls you are using and we can try to find a fix.

us Greg King Replied 9 months ago

I got it to work with a different newsfeed, but, it kills most of the themes I have. Here are the ones it won't work with: Awesome, Green by Green, Fullblue, Goblue and Social. The right and left sidebars show up but all you have for the newsfeed is a bank spot with just the background color showing.

us Greg King Replied 9 months ago

I just installed it but every RSS feed I find and setup I get the error they are an invalid RSS feed? Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

us Tango Oscar Replied 10 months ago

This looks great.

Curious if anyone has thoughts on a specific problem...

I set up an RSS feed from a Facebook page. It feeds just fine. But the images extend beyond the text sidebar and make the page look crowded. Is there a way to tweak this code so that only as much image as can fit in the sidebar will display (versus showing the full image) or maybe someone has a thought about converting the feed to text only? I used FetchRSS to create the feed.

us Elliot Alderson Replied 11 months ago

@Roman Lohov
Working very acuret thanks :D

us Roman Lohov Replied 11 months ago

Elliot Alderson
I was working on it yesterday. So, delete what you have now, and download new 1.2 and see if it's the same.

us Elliot Alderson Replied 11 months ago

I got this problem look at my rss feed. tell me what should i do?

us Elliot Alderson Replied 11 months ago

I got this problem look at my rss feed. tell me what should i do?

us Roman Lohov Replied 11 months ago

Probably because I used HTMLSidebar as a Starter. Since I modified it I no longer had HTMLSidebar component LOOL, so I didn't see the problem. I probably forgot to edit location it was placing it. So HTML and RSS was conflicting.

I will check the edit and add it to both of them.

unstyled version

1.0 is unstyled, but, it does contain its own css stylesheet, so you can style it the way you want.


Developer: Roman
License GPL v2
Type: Site admin
Minimum Requirement: 5.2
Latest Version: 1.2
Last Updated 11 months ago
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