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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 9 months ago


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Creating a well-done and unique favicon may already take some time, but getting it recognized and displayed correctly by every browser on every device - that's where the REAL work starts. We found that RealFaviconGenerator.net is doing a damned good job on that. So this component has been made to send them a master image to derive your icons from, then getting back a complete package with all necessary data and finally install it on your site. That's just 3 simple steps and you're done.


V 1.4

  • don't provide site's default OpenGraph meta tags on shared_content pages

V 1.3

  • changed manifest to allow portrait AND landscape orientation

V 1.2

  • removed service worker which was causing extra network traffic and prevented updating the upload progress bar of the Videos premium component

V 1.1

  • adapted requirements to Ossn 5.4
us Philip Lozier Replied 2 months ago

Commenting in "Content Sharing" regarding change to latest version.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

consult your provider or find a better (faster) hosting.
Your server takes too long, to finish the necessary tasks in the allowed time frame.

Breton Sandro Augusto Replied 4 months ago

Friend, I can't install. Insists on the error "Error: Session timeout or network problem".
How should I proceed ?

ph Sri Visjaya Yogi Replied 5 months ago

This is an awesome component! Thank you so much!

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago

I suspect something's missing in your php environment like allow_url_fopen.
You may use the phpinfo section of the System Info component or manually run phpinfo(); to find out.

gb Kevin B Replied 5 months ago

I'll have a look at doing that later on the demo site.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago
private function downloadFile($localPath, $url) {
            $content = file_get_contents($url);
            if ($content === FALSE) {
                throw new InvalidArgumentException("Cannot download file at " . $url);
            $ret = file_put_contents($localPath, $content);
            if ($ret === FALSE) {
                throw new InvalidArgumentException("Cannot store content of " . $url . " to " . $localPath);

That's the api's code. And to my understanding file_get_contents already failed - not the storing part.
No idea why - for me it's working with 2 different sites. Try to add some error_logs inside ...

gb Kevin B Replied 5 months ago

error processing zip

Here's the error.

I checked permissions on ossn_data and they are all 777 currently. There is a Favicon folder under tmp, but it is empty. Perhaps its a permission issue instead?

Here is the path provided in the error to confirm the link works:
zip file

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago

Said it couldn't download the file

Please provide the exact error message, Kevin.

gb Kevin B Replied 6 months ago

Hi ~Z~

Just tried to use this on the WebChat demo site and it failed during the download procedure. Said it couldn't download the file - but the source it provided worked fine. I downloaded the Zip manually, stuck it in tmp/Favicons and realised your code is looking for faviconpackage.zip, but the one provided by the Favicons generator was called faviconpackage_v0.16.zip. I renamed it, re-ran the creation and this time it found and processed the zip file.

Maybe they've changed the filename they provide?

I have now installed the Favicons Generator, the ServiceWorker AND the SiteInstaller - and all seem to work great! Thank you for doing these. I'll add a cache to the ServiceWorker so the site can work offline - then try to figure out notifications :)


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Minimum Requirement: 5.6
Latest Version: 1.4
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