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gb Kevin B 4 years ago


This component adds a mobile-first, individually styled web chat module to OSSN. You need the Pusher Channels service for realtime updates.

You'll want to add the link to the main menu AND/OR redirect logins directly to WebChat using the Component Admin page:
Enable menu link and redirect

Latest Update

v2.0.3 BETA 16th Dec 2020

  • Feature request: Do not clear the message input field when you send a GIPHY
  • Changed component to store settings in the "site settings" rather than "component settings". Once set, these details will no longer need be input after ever install/upgrade.
  • Fixed incorrect case in ID name of ossn_com.xml
  • Moved "Web Chat" link to the "Links" section for better compatibility with OSSN standard installation.


OSSN >= v5.6
OssnMessages >= 5.4
OssnServices >= 6.4
Private Network >= 5.4

API Keys

GIPHY for animated GIFs that can be added to messages

FREE key from https://developers.giphy.com

Pusher - For the live chat feature

FREE Channels app-key from www.pusher.com


Demo site is running ossn 5.6, GreenByGreen theme and only has Private Network, API Services and WebChat components installed.

Near future updates

Add ossn credit
Message status dialog
Online status for group members
Block message content of blocked users
Hide blocked users from create new chat dialog
User is typing...
MP4 video uploads
Limits on number of images/videos people can upload
Allow to share images directly from profile
Add type to message table GIPHY, info, photo, profile image etc.
Implement OSSN blocked users
Migrate chat_api to ossn actions
Implement mobile notifications


Decide on consistent naming convention throughout. Is it Groups / Chats / WebChat etc. Need to keep language consistent throughout.
Remove ALL error_log / console.log and debug responses
Finish tidying up code and commenting (if I have time to kill)
CSS animations / transitions to make the experience feel more app-like.
Sounds for sending/receiving messages
White border on giphy thumbnail selection
change giphy default search as it keeps failing


Encryption and Presence / Private Pusher Channels
Public/Private groups (to plan)
Voice and Video calls
Public Webcam broadcasts / channels
User Search by distance/gender etc
Who looked at me?
View and manage profile / galleries
View and post to walls

I'd be grateful for feedback on how I could improve the component. Any bugs or issues please also report here.

Older updates

Version history can be found in this Google Doc
WebChat Version History

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 4 months ago

I think your chat is doing really well but I wondered for the speed of the replies if this must be a push configuration because I always have to refresh to see the messages

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 4 months ago

Kevin B, I'd like to know if hiding the menu on the admin side was deliberate because I understood where to go and make it visible and before sharing it I wanted your agreement to know if you block it in order to improve it or simply that I can share the tip with people so that they can also use the webchat to bring it to their own project!

us John Robertson Replied 1 year ago

I get a scrambled menu as in pic below ? Using 7.0 and white theme set to dark

German Dominik L Replied 1 year ago

Someone can update please?

German Dominik L Replied 2 years ago

Hey, are you going to update the webchat?

ph Sepiroth X Replied 2 years ago

Hey @Kevin ! You're doing great! Keep it up and thanks for the efforts man! ;)

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 2 years ago


No problem. Take your time. Make your project happen. And if you need any help (translation, who knows?), call me :-)

See you!

gb Kevin B Replied 2 years ago

Hi guys
Sorry for not updating much the last year or so. I put so much time and effort in and it evolved into a much, much bigger project than I'd originally planned. It ended up being a complete redesign of the ossn frontend with working pwa and notifications, live group chat with moderators and custom games, gesture based navigation and more!

I approached ossn to see if they would be willing to work with me to adapt it into a new release of ossn as the visuals of ossn are very dated (although the core code is solid), but after sharing a review version I never heard back from them.

So my next plan is to write my own API from the ground-up, utilise most of the front-end I've already designed and written, and either just use it to release my own app, or perhaps release the code as open source so others can benefit from it.

So I'm afraid there will be no further updates to this add-on.

I wish you all the best and big thanks to ossn for an excellent system as it's really inspired me.

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 2 years ago

I tried to use webchat but admin page wont open. OSSN 6.1 with GoBlue Theme. Also, demo site has 404 error.

enter image description here

dk Lin Hu Replied 3 years ago

webchat admin menu are not working in the ossn version 6.1. theme is flexi 2.2
picture is in the link


Developer: Kevin
License GPL v2
Type: Communication
Requires Ossn Version : 5.5
Latest Version: 2.0.3b
Last Updated 4 years ago
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