UnLoggedinMenu Download 1.1

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
Indonesian Arsalan Shah 6 months ago

Shows the topbar menu for unloggedin users, so unloggedin users may browse items. Default list is based on enabled components in order

Groups, Blogs, Videos, MP3, Marketplace, Files, Forum, Business Pages

enter image description here

You may edit as per your need /UnLoggedinMenu/plugins/default/unloggedinmenu/menus.php based on BS5 navbars https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/components/navbar/

Tested only on GoBlue theme and make sure PrivateNetwork is disabled.

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 5 months ago

Is it possible to have this working in Ossn 5.6? Please advise. Thank You.

Breton Elias Hilário Santos Replied 5 months ago

Really enjoyed! on my site only events and groups appear in the link, how do I make others appear as well as in your example image?


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv4
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 6.1
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 6 months ago
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