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German Michael Zülsdorff 2 years ago

Privacy Changer

Toggling wall post privacy from public to friends or vice versa

(in response to

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V 7.1

  • added Hungarian language file
  • verified to work with PHP 8.2

V 6.2

  • Fixed bug erasing post's containing linefeeds .

V 6.1 (final)

  • re-coded AJAX based switching action to keep selected post in place

V 6.1dev2

  • added working privacy change action
  • added language files
  • code cleanup

V 6.1dev1:

  • just a skeleton which is adding a menu entry and an empty action
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German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 6 months ago

Thanks for applying that bug fix, Arsalan.
Release 6.2 is working flawlessly now.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 7 months ago

The action needs update because of we are storing json for post object and on save() it need to be restored to actual json again.

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 2 years ago

Thank you : )

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Its not possible for us to start testing components from OSSN 1.x.

If something wrong happens to website site owner will tell developer about it and after days of testing it will appears person edited the component to make it work on non supported OSSN version.

us Allon Prooit Replied 2 years ago

Right on Mr. Michael! But, I must say that I have found on numerous occasions with a large number of components that they work quite well with versions of OSSN that are far below the requirements and that the component developers are just posting components that work on said versions without having even tried them out on earlier versions of OSSN. For instance, the Images with Messages component works fine with OSSN 5.6. All one has to do is alter the OSSN_COM.xml file for the OSSN version being used to see if it will work for their installation. Most times it does. In those cases where it doesn't all you have to do is go into phpMyAdmin and change the site settings for CACHE to "0" and then the component that caused the crash from ACTIVE "1" to "0" to resolve the crash. Just trying to help. Been working with OSSN some 4 years now and this is my best advise for crashes caused by components.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Okay, let me take this opportunity to say that we implement requirement checks for good reasons, not to make your life a little harder. In the best case, ignoring may lead to immediate crashes, but also to problems of the category My site stopped working all of a sudden that are only visible much later.

us Allon Prooit Replied 2 years ago

Many thanks for this great component!
Just to note... V 6.1dev2 can be made to work for OSSN 5.6 but V 6.1 does not.
Sorry, not able to upgrade to OSSN 6.1 just yet.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Nice, working good for me!

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Yeah, 6.1dev2 is a start ....
But who really wants these nasty page reloads after switching ... ?!? 😩

So I will upload the final release soon which is completely AJAX based...

Hungarian Tamás Varga Replied 2 years ago

Thank you very much, very helpful.

enter image description here


Developer: Michael
License GPL v2
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 7.1
Latest Version: 7.1
Last Updated 2 months ago
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