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Indonesian Arsalan Shah 1 year ago

Shows you a friends online widget and a page. This component will work only on OSSN 6.6 I don't have time to check on previous versions. If your OssnChat is switched off let me quote a issue here explained by Micahel

Still one thing you should be aware of is that the member-activity update intervals are longer when OssnChat is disabled. Thus, by chance you may pick a member who is still marked as being online but has logged off already.

- Show online on mobile device by use of newsfeed center:top hook

German Dominik L Replied 2 months ago

I get this error:

[27-Apr-2024 10:38:42 UTC] PHP WARNING: 2024-04-27 10:38:42 (UTC):
"Undefined variable $params" in file
(line 53)

Russian Space ... Replied 1 year ago

Thank you, what a wonderful thing, such beauty ❤❤❤

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

Fixed in 1.3 thanks to TheDoggyBrad

ph TheDoggyBrad Software Lab Replied 1 year ago

@Arsalan Shah I am happy to say that the issue about the whoisonline:no text appearing on the site has been fixed.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

Thanks and fixed in 1.2

ph TheDoggyBrad Software Lab Replied 1 year ago

I mean the text appearing on my site is whoisonline:no

German Dominik L Replied 1 year ago

I get this error:

[23-Apr-2023 08:40:38 UTC] PHP WARNING: 2023-04-23 08:40:38 (UTC):
"Undefined variable $params" in file /home/queermeet/publichtml/components/WhoisOnline/ossncom.php (line

Breton Rafael [] Replied 1 year ago

The component works on version 6.4 without errors apparently.

Just change the version in ossn_com.xml


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv4
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 7.0
Latest Version: 1.4
Last Updated 3 months ago
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