OSSN Tagalog Language Pack

This component/theme doesn't work with the latest OSSN version.
ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) 2 weeks ago

Yes, there is a tagalog language pack for OSSN that already exists, but I do disagree on some of the translations in there.
Some words can be still translated to Tagalog but it is in English and other translations are really literal and does not show what does it mean when using OSSN.
https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/component/view/1201/tagalog-language-pack (1st Tagalog Language Pack here in OSSN)

This is a manually edited/forked version of the original ossn.en.php file from OSSN version 7.0 that I personally translated word by word.
Note: Yes, I am a native Tagalog speaker, so the words here may not be understandable to those who are just starting to learn Tagalog.

Hope that this may help everyone who needs it for a better Tagalog translation.
If you found a problem, please leave a comment here or on the Github Gists repository of this language pack.

By the way, if the OSSN core team wants to use this language pack, Yes you may as I have already set the copyright to the proper copyright holders if ever.

Update: Recalled due to bugs causing full destruction of your account's frontend and partial destruction of your backend.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

By the way, I will try to continue this pack again, since I regained my self trust again to do some projects.

But I will just follow what @Arsalan Shah said me to do before posting here.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

@Arsalan Shah my mistake

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

I am stopping to develop any new and current projects online and that includes OSSN components and translation packs.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

See you just edit the stuff and upload without verifying it, please don't do this and don't duplicate it. The original langauge pack is now marked not working. Once you fixed the pack with making sure it have 99.9% translation done (Use the tool https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/component/view/1982/translation-check)

Once done let us know at [email protected] and we will check your translation before uploading here.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

Official Statement:
Never ever try the Tagalog language pack by TheDoggyBrad
Right now, if you select the language in your user options it will cause a white background with tons of emojis.
My account on my own platform was fixed now but not this language pack.

In case you have tried this, (To reverse everything):
1.) Remove the (ossn.tl.php) language file on your /locale folder.
2.) Go to your database under the ossn_users and set the language from tl to en.
3.) On the backend, set your account's country to whatever except your current one then save it then get it back to your currently used one.

I removed the release and the repository to prevent people from using this destructive (buggy) translation language pack

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

Where does the database store the account's language?
Damaged account

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

I cannot access my frontend account now

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

I have just broken my admin UI.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

I temporarily taken down the release as it now damages my admin account's UI

Meaning my language pack has some bugs.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 2 weeks ago

Disclaimer: I am not taking down the credibility of the first tagalog pack here in OSSN. Just posted my own translation.


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