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ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) 6 days ago

Strict Email Login
Allow only the user to login only with email, a Open Source Social Network component. It is a modified component by lianglee (structural, ossn com.php file) but the actions code are a modified OSSN v7.0. The ossn_com.xml was based on the information on OSSN's website.

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Info About the Component
Name: Strict Email Login
ID: StrictEmailLogin
Author: TheDoggyBrad / Arsalan Shah (lianglee)
Description: Allow only the user to login only with email, a Open Source Social Network component
License: OSSN v4 License
Author URL:
License URL:
Component Version: 1.1 (Latest) and 1.0 (Older)
Requires: Version 5.6 (The earliest verified version that uses the same login system by me)
Tested up to: Version 7.0
A fork of: (Discontinued, applied to OSSN Core)

This is really tested and developed for OSSN version 7.0 and not an experimental/alpha/beta component

Note on the OSSN version requirement:
It is possible to install this and make it work on older versions of OSSN, but I cannot gurantee that will work on those versions as I have not reviewed the code of those versions. If you are brave to try on older versions of OSSN, feel free to change the ossn_com.xml file's requirement lower to meet your needs.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 5 minutes ago

Version 1.1 (Emergency Fix):
This fixes the issue regarding the 3 Email Address fields on Sign-up.
This is just a band-aid fix that changes the locale file variable to "Email (Login) or Username (Registration)".
A real fix will require modification of the OSSN Core which I do not recommend and I have never tried either to do so.

If you want to help fix the problem entirely, please let me know here or at my email address.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 39 minutes ago

Issue (not certainly a bug):
In the sign up field there is a 3 email address. The 2 are real email address and the other one is the username. I will look and fix it in version 1.1 as soon as possible.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 6 days ago

Thanks for something new, now this thing I like it.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 6 days ago

Note: My inspiration for this comes from a hypothetical situation and hopefully my comment may not cause a debate.

ph Go_Social (TheDoggyBrad) Replied 6 days ago

Inspired by:

Yes, it is possible for users with very weak passwords but I am not saying that this component is a vulnerability fixer but just a normal component that can be used by OSSN site admins, if they wish to disable logins using the usernames of the user and only allow email address login.


Developer: Go_Social
License ossnv4
Type: Authentication
Requires Ossn Version : 7.0
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 5 minutes ago
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