What will you use your OSSN site for?

TalkToAi Online Posted in General Discussion 9 years ago

Hi, i wanted to see what other people will use their social CMS for and any ideas and sharing of options and integrations that can be done to get a perfect site. Myself i will be using OSSN for a social network, still planning it out and implementing ideas at this time.

What will you use your social network for?

Will you use OSSN for a non social network site maybe a member site?

What other kind of sites would you consider making with OSSN?

Mmember Site - Dating Site - Social Network - Online Community ?

Will you run a forum type of site?

What are your goals with OSSN?

What are you going too or what would you like to achive with this open source social cms?

us Justin Derby Replied 3 years ago

I used OSSN to make an open-source alternative to Facebook and Gab.

us Bo Regard Replied 4 years ago

Similar to facebook.

Adults only version

us Curt Guldenschuh Replied 8 years ago

I have 4 OSSN sites set up at the moment. One is a general/miscellaneous site. One is all about paranormal/psychic. One is focused on arts & crafts. One focuses on missing persons and searches. I'll probably end up setting up a couple more before too long.

pk Malik Ehsaan Replied 9 years ago

I am using Ossn for Social Network site like facebook.

ke Alex ken Replied 9 years ago

social networking site fully implemented visit @ www.wosne.com