Gettings weird signups/registrations from

Rally Homelancer Posted in General Discussion 7 years ago

Just wondering about these recent signups/registrations at my site at - there are signups/registrations using [email protected] as often as one hour intervals.

Just registration and no Last Login. Just recently I used the auto validation plugin so I wont have to validate these registrations. I'm beginning to wonder if these are SPAM.

Is anybody else have these [email protected] registrations on their site too?

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

Yes, I suspect as much. Thanks for confirming. Some also have [email protected] in them

I created a "Block Signup" Add-on for blocking the signups from and I'll check the registrations/signups again tomorrow if it works.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 7 years ago

It seems spam if you are getting them 1 hour, the best way to stop them is to block their domain in registration action. However you can search in google with full email address to find more information about spam.

These spammers uses special trick to create registration into site. Sounds putting action/user/register into loop or some kind of that.

I'll take look into handling with them, we may need the tokens that expires after action is called.