Anyone else using OSSN for a Dating site?

TalkToAi Online Posted in Beginning Developers 5 years ago

ANy tips or info and recommended plugins and easy plugins to make and edits i could do to improve the website, i plan on making this a long term project.
The site is let me know what you think, anything that could help.

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 5 years ago

@Bansh33 - WIll pm thanks :)

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

I have most of the features I mentioned already developed if you want to email me (info in my profile).

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 5 years ago

NIce info guys thanks for the replies, will get those features sorted soon!

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

depending on what type of dating site this is, it might benefit from added messaging features like a group chat. I know a dude that was running a social network for swingers that was powered by ossn; I imagine having a group chat for a site like that would be quite in demand. For a regular dating site, there are also lots of messaging-related features that the site would benefit from, for example, ability to send media (pics) in messages. I imagine that people would also like a "user is typing" notification bubble in ossn's messaging system if they're primarily going to be using that platform to communicate.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 5 years ago

Yes Sir,
I did. Running Ossn 2.x - long time ago.
And I met two really hot chicks that way: Honey Honey, and Botox Lips - still my favorite playmates.