Secure Communications Network PGP Keys

TalkToAi Online Posted in General Discussion 5 years ago

I was thinking of making a secure communications social network using PGP keys etc.
Examples of information related to the subject:
If a user logs in they would use PGP keys to log in, the idea is to make a plugin though i think it would not be possible and would need to be implemented directly into the source code though i am not 100% sure of that.
Users would be able to login using secure keys military encryption grade, as an option.
This would be an optional extra for users and could even be made a premium option etc.

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 5 years ago

Thanks for the info guys saved this post for future reference, just an idea thought it might be cool having military grade encryption ^_^

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

sorry again, meant PGP keys not PHP keys. However, since you will need to do this in PHP, you should take a look at the GPG module for php here:

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

note that my reply has to do with using PHP keys for messaging; don't see how/why you'd want to login using a pgp key.

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

I don't see why you need to implement it in the core files. You would need to:

1) Store a public and private key for each user, you can either augment the ossnusers table or make your own additional table.
2) make a component that does the encryption/decryption routines on messages right before they are sent and right after being received. you _could
alternatively do this by editing the OssnMessages component, but it's not suggested to do that.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 5 years ago

Hmm ... sounds completely confusing to me ...

So ... when I log in to your community, I would no longer use
username: ~Z~
password: heybabe

but f26807c5f615e5ad5d91a9479a3d9f4f (my PGP private key) or what?

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 5 years ago

Hmm, i think it would be possible, though the option would be optional for users who want more privacy etc, Facebook offers PGP login i think but might be just sharing of your PGP ID.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 years ago

I am not sure if it would be easier for the regular users to first learn about PGP and then generate it.