Turn Poke component into a Flirt component?

TalkToAi Online Posted in Beginning Developers 5 years ago

I would like to make the Poke component into a flirt component, here is a list of what i want to do:
1. Allow any user to Flirt with another user without being friends.
2. I already changed the notification to say: Username has flirted with you, for the user who received the flirt, and a notification for the user sending the flirt: You flirted with Username.
3. When the user sends a flirt the receiving user gets a message in their inbox saying: Username has flirted with you! Reply to this message to get started!

The site is https://meetdatefree.com/

us Rishi B Replied 5 years ago

at the same time as you send the notification, instantiate the OssnMessages classes and use the function OssnMessages->send(). this function is defined in components/OssnMessages/classes/OssnMessages.php

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 5 years ago

Just trying to make things.

us Helen Lubar Replied 5 years ago

Maybe you need to get a life.