Php 7.3 compatibility problem php 7.1 out good

David Futó Posted in Technical Support 5 years ago

php 7.1 out good
Write this out:
> Error: Call to undefined function mbstrlen() in /home/hcvuhbfo/ Stack trace: #0 /home/hcvuhbfo/ ossnstringencryptkeycycled('ossn') #1 /home/hcvuhbfo/ ossnstringdecrypt('&xFAxABGx89xF9TxBA', 'ossn') #2 /home/hcvuhbfo/ ossnpowlnkargs() #3 /home/hcvuhbfo/ ossninitialize('ossn', 'init', NULL) #4 /home/hcvuhbfo/ ossntriggercallback('ossn', 'init') #5 /home/hcvuhbfo/ requireonce('/home/hcvuhbfo/...') #6 {main}

Hungarian David Futó Replied 5 years ago

thank you very much. luckily cpanel is good so activating them is just a check mark on my hosting provider.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 years ago

Not a problem with OSSN but with your configuration you are missing mb string extension for php. Install it or ask your hosting provider.

Hungarian David Futó Replied 5 years ago

The above error message occurs with php 7.3 and php 7.2