Under pressure? (is not a constructive title, but in fact there IS nothing constructive included)

Michael Z├╝lsdorff Posted in General Discussion 4 years ago


It seems that some people here have a rather strange idea of free software developers. Starting with the absurd threat of not using their software (any longer) because of ... whatever ..., now even death threats are coming in. What's next?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

He is idiot, blocked already. But there are more around threatening for not using software if we don't do bla bla. They will never finish , one will go new will come and they will keep saying nonsense and threats. Since in 10 years i have seen 🤜🏻🤜🏻 shitty people 🤛🏻🤛🏻 , they will post shit about you, about your products because of their self-esteemed.

I have seen alot of people they say alot of stuff, demand new things but never willing to contribute. If they wanted to get helped by others its better to start helping themselves first.

se Johannes Genberg Replied 4 years ago

Troll or idiot.

German Oliver Mankewitz Replied 4 years ago

I would send him the links to the Devs area with no comment.... ;)

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 4 years ago

If anyone needs plugins they should make the plugin or pay and if they can not afford to pay, then they must save the money, it is not that much money.

Tatar Steven downer Replied 4 years ago

When components are free then people will want more for free....

Bu when it forms part of a paid product, I do not think requesting enhancements is beyond reasonable ....but as you say, some people have strange ideas of developers....

You should learn to lighten up, chill out, and ignore apparent threats, you knowthey will amount to nothing.