Repost Older Post in OSSN Website

Joey Champion Posted in Component Development 4 months ago

Hello friends,
I am trying to grow my site as we all are trying to do. I have created over 3000 post (real post containing images,videos etc) to give people a reason to want to join my community.
As I market the website and as new users visit the site there obviously needs to be interesting content for them to view. The thing is, I am spending so much time promoting the site, creating and posting ads for the site and then creating interesting content for the viewers. (It feels like pulling and elephant up a mountain).
Is there any way to regenerate or repost older post. It would be awesome if it was on a schedule. Like repost content from 2 months ago on the wall every hour.
Here is a link to something that I think works only on wordpress sites...

Please I tried the fake post method but that didn't work out because the randon comments don't make any sense. Would it be possible to edit the comment library that fake post reads from? I looked at it and there are 10,000 comments in the file.

us Joey Champion Replied 3 months ago

~Z~ Man, you made me chuckle. :-)
I do love you my friend. Your spot on, and tell it like it is.
Your right. I am just being lazy.
Something to start your day with a smile...

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

Hmm, I don't think such a reposting mechanism would lead to any increased activity. On the contrary: I would feel kind of ripped off if I kept seeing the same posts over and over again. Somehow reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day, right?

us Joey Champion Replied 4 months ago

New visitors to the site will see all the new "public" wall post in chronological order.

They can, if they choose to, scroll down the public wall posting until they reach the very end.

I just wanted to schedule some sort of automatic reposting because nobody in their right mind would scroll through months of post. (There lies my concern.... quality content is not reaching the target audience because at the moment, a new user signs up, and if I don't constantly create new content, they wont see the quality post from the days or weeks prior).

I love OSSN, and the work Arsalan and his team has put in the project is truly amazing. I have nothing but perfect praise for him , ~Z~Man, and the rest of the skilled developers here.

It was only a idea I had because the site is currently not self sustaining, meaning if I don't post stuff to the public wall, new users are left with the impression the site is a dead community because of no activity. (When a post is created, it displays along with it how old the post is. ( No fault of OSSN, the resposibility falls on my shoulders to let people know my site exist). Hopefully, once more people sign up and create/post content of their own, this will be a non issue.
But at the moment... I am run ragged promoting the site, creating and posting ads, as well as uploading cutsy pictures, etc. just to amuse the new signups.

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 4 months ago

When some new visitor joins, do they see anything from the past posts on their news feed or they just see only new posts after they joined? Just curious about how this works.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

I am trying to grow my site as we all are trying to do. I have created over 3000 post (real post containing images,videos etc) to give people a reason to want to join my community.

First question: How would i become aware of these posts from the outside? I mean: You want me to join, ok, but 3 or 3000 posts .... don't make a difference because the newsfeed isn't visible at all.