Styling is out of alignment, need some help :)

Joel Sullivan Posted in Theme Development 2 years ago

I've got 3 issues. When in portrait mode on mobile my site doesn't stretch all the way out to the left hand side. (Image 1)

the other 2 are the top bar is overlapping the some text and the capture on sign up on the bottom is pushing out of it's box (Image 2)

Does anyone have an idea to solve this issue?

out of alignment ipad
Image 1 ^^^^^^^^^
Front Page
Image 2 ^^^^^^^^^

us Christopher Turner Replied 2 years ago

enter image description here

us Christopher Turner Replied 2 years ago

EDITED BY ADMIN : The URL is not a image URL

au Joel Sullivan Replied 2 years ago

@Christopher Same here I’m new to OSSN But I will need to update my OSSN to 6.1 then I’ll look more into it. I don’t know much about css I’m mainly deal with linux server.
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au Joel Sullivan Replied 2 years ago

@Christoper Feel free to join my site I may require a test user hahaha. We can talk more then!
Much appreciated by the way!

us Christopher Turner Replied 2 years ago

Ok well I see your issue. I would think it would have something to do with @media in your css files.. but I'm not totally sure since i'm new to ossn. I would however on the other hand be honor if you would allow me to help with your logo. Photoshop is one of my stronger qualities. not to mention I also ride a bike.. I have a 2006 CBR 600

us Christopher Turner Replied 2 years ago

whats your url, I can take a look if you don't mind.. arsalan is right I don't have premium version but seems you're having a simple css problem and maybe I can use dev tools to troubleshoot a solution.. Can't make you any promises though.. nevermind I see it in the copyright section cool i'll take a look see what I can come up with...

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Dear Joel, as you know no body have the paid version here so no body can help you as discussed this many times on community you need to contact where you purchase the network.