Opening link in same window Blog

Joel Sullivan Posted in General Discussion 2 years ago

Don't know if this is to do with "blog" or "text support area"
When I create a link in a blog and I select "Open Link in Current Window" and hit save, then I click on the link it opens in a new tab. I'm linking to another page on my site.
I've tried different links to different sites. I've also tried different areas like custom pages it works with no issues.

Not a big issue but I thought I would let you guys know

Kudos :)

au Joel Sullivan Replied 2 years ago

Sweet thanks ZMan, will look into now :)

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Thanks for reporting, Joel.
Yes, it was a glitch in Textarea Support.
There's a new release (6.4) available on my site.