GreenbyGreen Theme Desktop view logo and text not centered for login

Graham ridge Posted in Theme Development 2 years ago

enter image description hereHi Everyone, i am using the GreenbyGreen theme, and i notice it doesn't center the logo and text for the login , is there a way i can center it? it works fine for mobile screens , just the majority of my community users use desktop view.

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 2 years ago

is line 12 , should i change the "left" to "center" so it shows it in the center of the screen or is this the wrong line of code? ( i am not good at programming)

enter image description here

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 2 years ago

Hi , the index file is index.php i'm assuming, which line(s) do i edit? Thanks

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

It is designed this way you may edit the theme index file as per your need