Messages don’t open

MAURICE TAYLOR Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

Message section pin wheel spins and messages don’t open I’m on my phone can’t add photo or video will add later

vn Rickey Sparks Replied 1 year ago

Have you looked through the event logs? Inquire with your host about this, and also try installing using softaculous.

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 1 year ago

What would i be checking for in the log files, and try installing what using softaculous exactly? If you are referring to the website. It's hosted by Open Host 247, I'm waiting to see what they have to say.

gb TalkToAi Online Replied 1 year ago

Hmm sounds like a php issue, have you checked the log files? Ask your host to check, try installing using softaculous too.

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 1 year ago

Also on my account Usage Statistics
Disk Usage 10
1489 M / 15000 M

Bandwidth Usage 0
4811.42 M / Unlimited M
So space shouldn't be the issue.

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 1 year ago

I thought maybe it would be the cache, so I emptied the cache, and that didn't solve anything.

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