Wrong size of all website Logo or name

Anna Ayva Posted in General Discussion 11 months ago

All OSSN website names or logos are not centered and are all the wrong size, they are about 3cm left of center.
When we try to fix it, the position of the mobile version logo is being violated․

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

I see, it was like this I believe to make the right side icons fit. If after login details are cols are same.

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 10 months ago


I get this print from demo.opensource.org and think I know what Anna is talking about

enter image description here

The size of the left column is 2 and the right column is 3. So, the name OPEN SOURCE SOCIAL NETWORK is decentralized. The solution could be set to 2-8-2 or 3-6-3 column schema

I'm right, @Anna?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago


Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 11 months ago

Not sure what do you mean by violated. can you share a picture so we can see a solution?