Standalone OSSN mobile app

Arsalan Shah Posted in Professional Services 1 year ago

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Introducing new mobile application for OSSN

us Ralph Pearcy Replied 9 months ago

is this only for android or is it for iphones also

us Joey Champion Replied 1 year ago

I have used webview apps that convert your site to an app that you can publish yourself on Google Play store, and let me tell you they are a severe headache. I had decided, never again. (I used them on, and both sites are gone now - the webview apps were unnecessarily adding additional splash screens to the loading process).

Anyway, this new app that OpenTeknik is providing is so much better than anything I have tried.
I still use the PWA, (Progressive Web App), on the site. My site, is 4 months old now.
According to Google Analytics, the site has had 47,300 visits, (23,000 unique ip address visits). And now is averaging over 300 new daily visits. (Traffic slowed down after I reduced the number of video ads on facebook). Mine is a very small nich market of people interested in the mysterious/unexplained and paranormal.
Many of my users have requested an official app on Google Play store. I guess that people are more comfortable trusting an official app vs a PWA.
So, I tried the app provided by OpenTeknik. (Made the purchase, went outside, mowed the lawn, etc. while somebody else did the work.
One day later, (this is possibly luck for me, who knows how Google's app approval process goes), I get an email from OpenTeknik that my app was is live on the Google Play store.
This is NOT like any webview app. It's super fast and adds nothing to the app. No additional loading or splash screens. It is just your OSSN site in a perfect app. Arsalan and his team pulled it off beautifully.
Everyone, do yourself a favor. If you want an "official" app for your site. This service is a lifesaver.
Go mow your lawn, and let the team at OpenTeknik do all the work for you.
I love it! ❤️

us Joey Champion Replied 1 year ago

Wow, looks great! I can't wait to try it out. 👍