Can someone help me with a cookie banner? (German Version)

Dominik L Posted in Component Development 12 months ago

Websites in Germany are required (by law) to have a cookie consent banner, where users are able to accept or decline the cookies.

When declining, only optional cookies (like Google Analytics) are disabled, but functional cookies (like remember login) are still available.

Based on the option chosed, some features are not available

For example: I have a push notifications component (by Rafael) - if the users chooses to decline cookies, push notifications are not working

Or if you use the Google Analytics Component and the user declines cookies, the Google Analytics is not used for that user

A wrong cookie banner can cause up to 6000€ penalty fee, a missing banner up to 30000€

So if I have to pay someone 50€ to create a good component for OSSN with my features, I will do that

Thanks in advance

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 12 months ago

Anyone else who was able to login before clicking the "Accept" button?

Then please provide a step by step description which way this is possible (+ version of CookieBanner in use)

German Dominik L Replied 12 months ago

I have this component.

How can I modify the component so the login is not possible when the cookies are not accepted?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 12 months ago

This is the component available but what you are saying is not possible to enable/disable features based on cookie, if people doesn't except it then don't let them use the site simply move them to the page telling cookies are required and the site is not available for them.

pk Muhammad Umer Farooq Replied 12 months ago

Given the legal necessity of cookie consent banners for websites operating in Germany, and considering the potential penalties associated with non-compliance, it's advised to invest in the creation of a tailored, compliant OSSN component for your website. Hiring a top-rated freelancer from platforms such as Upwork will ensure that your website remains compliant while offering desired features.

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