Membership tier management / Subscriptions

Arsalan Shah Posted in Component Development 5 months ago

A new component (paid) will be available soon allows you to charge members monthly (using their wallet balance) and restrict users access for pages based on tiers.

Example a user with Tier 1 can access Profiles, Photos but can not access Search, Events etc. But with Tier 2 they can access all things (example).

You will be able to change disallowed actions per tier.

(ignore the dummy text)

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Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 weeks ago

Because of complexity of floats :)

us Trevor Combs Replied 4 weeks ago

Awesome feature. Question... when testing, the membership price only allows you to input a price of a whole dollar amount instead of something like 4.95 or 11.45. Can this be updated to allow for pricing to be more than just a whole number amount?

us Mick Dawlings Replied 2 months ago

I assume this never materialized? Makes me a little nervous when an author says 'I've been a bit lazy'.
Once purchased, no way to know if updates will keep coming.

Is there anything like this out there for ossn?

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 3 months ago

This is going to be great

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

Updated Screenshots

Status Page

Thank you Rafael , I will definitely let you ❤️

Breton Rafael [] Replied 5 months ago

No problem, I understand. Go ahead and if you needed anything, just message me.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

@Rafael, I wanted to create this component from long time but due to the API restrictions and laziness I haven't, now I got chance to do it with the existing components like Wallet, Gadgets made the process easier.

Breton Rafael [] Replied 5 months ago

2 years ago I would have bought this component with pleasure :-)