Add privacy_changer for only me

yanick beaulieu Posted in Component Development 2 weeks ago

Hello I am new to the platform and I need to understand certain type of programming if you can help me it will be super appreciated

I'd like to make sure I can add a second privacy to the privacy_changer I'd like to make sure says find only me, friends, and public currently only me isn't here and I don't understand why it's not added . Although I think I added the configuration in the component

afterwards, I would like to know how to make sure to add items to the confidentiality

friend list

I think I need some information or a little lesson :)

vn Poppy mizzi Replied 2 days ago

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Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 2 weeks ago

As I am new to the platform environment is it possible for me to find the main places that I should add it I am ready to take the time and tempted to try to add it my community asks me to have a only me and in context I have already found some things at least for the base, it would be great to have this little support to start properly.

I think working on this will also help me familiarize myself with the environment.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

There is no only me option and if you even add that in dropdown it will take so much edits to make it work. You will need to modify almost every component.

However for small stuff like pictures in album you add yourself, blog , friend list a separate component that add privacy option on profile edit page

  • Blogs privacy (....)
  • Friends list privacy (...)

This can be created