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yanick beaulieu Posted in Beginning Developers 9 months ago

This request may be strange but I did not manage to make a command work even when I added a function in the profile edit form I wanted the user to be able to modify the background (body) that for his internal use for him the command works well but when I click on save the background image do not want to stay

Do I have to add a php backup function to confirm the action of the save button?

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

Given that I can't find null part where to learn the code in the reference we have bits but we don't explain how to assemble certain code so it's hard to know the code for the backup, it's hard to know who should be put in front of the programming will you have an example of programming if you can give me an example I add a select in the edit.php, a select with several colors if I choose body background red profile and I click on save the red should stay for the profile connect only.

in Michael Schroeder Replied 9 months ago

Make sure that the form submission code (usually written in PHP) is correctly capturing the modified background image URL when the user submits the form. Verify that the form field name corresponds to the variable that captures the background image URL.If you are storing the background image URL in a database, ensure that the database update code is functioning correctly. Double-check that the database table and column names match the code. If the background image is being uploaded, verify that the file upload code is working as expected. Ensure that the uploaded image is being moved to the correct directory on your server and that the file permissions are set correctly to allow writing.Implement proper validation and error handling for the form submission. Check for any error messages or warnings that may be preventing the background image from being saved. Provide clear error messages to the user if something goes wrong.

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

No, I went to add the code directly in
theme/white/plugins/default/profile/page/profile.Php I tried to use the same functions as the other inout

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

How did you added the function on profile edit form? did you added custom field example using custom fields or a signup fields component?