Cover page size is confusing

Mick Dawlings Posted in Technical Support 9 months ago

When uploading a cover page, it doesn't tell me what size it should be until I've uploaded it, then it tells me if it's wrong. The site says the cover should be 1040x300 minimum but even uploading an image that is 1040x305 doesn't fit properly. I have to reposition it up or down and cannot see the whole thing.

Is there some information on this somewhere?

us Mick Dawlings Replied 7 months ago

When is this going to be fixed? It was mentioned by someone that an update would fix the incorrect cover page size, white space. Also, the profile image size is way too small and even though there is an option that says it can be re-positioned, it cannot.

enter image description here

us Mick Dawlings Replied 8 months ago

I'm sure lots of questions from any one person is annoying to the devs but the bottom line as you said is that we are all trying to learn and all have different needs for our sites. It's important not to become frustrated with customers because eventually, they turn into positive resources helping others as well as promoting the platforms they use.

I do feel I am annoying some on here and I hope that's not the case because when we use something, we're also putting a lot of trust into their software. I've spent countless hours already on this and want to keep moving forward so certainly hope I will not be left hanging when posting.

If you post something and I see it and know the answer, I'll try to help. Right now however, I'm new to this software and struggling in trying to make it do what I need so it'll be a while before I can help others.

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 8 months ago

I wish i had the skills to answer you questions, I find that when people have a lot of questions they are ignore as if we are not trying to learn. Some just learn quicker, we just have to hang in here until we find the answer or someone to hel us through the current issues we have questions with because so many have the need for help and so little people with the knowledge. Keep plugging.

us Mick Dawlings Replied 8 months ago

@will saldana = spammer on the site

us Will Saldana Replied 9 months ago

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us Mick Dawlings Replied 9 months ago

Odd. I received an email of a reply but there is none.