yanick beaulieu Posted in Beginning Developers 9 months ago

Hello I need help Rafael [redcrested.net] I would like to know if it is possible to help me ensure that the appearance of the page is done in a select because I would like to display several types of page

(Public, Private, Friends, Family, Favory, Collegue)

If possible, I would like to make some adjustment that I am unable to do completely. On the public page I would like to remove all confidential content other than that for the public, for example changing the cover and the profile photo I would like to know if I can send it to all the walls apart from the public one.

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

Thank you would you be able to give me the main location and I will have fun doing tests of my side if I can help others with what I did this will make me happy too :)

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 9 months ago

I think that what you need can be made. However, a lot of working to tracking and testing in every part of the OSSN to make sure is everything alright. I'll reply you message soon.

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

Yes I contacted him on his site I'm waiting for an answer and well I managed to add almost everywhere on the site and I can even share the information in terms of confidentiality but everything is published on the public pahe just know his


Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

You can not just change access types because OSSN only support TWO types FRIENDS AND PUBLIC. Wait for Rafael to respond you. Did you contacted him on his email? https://redcrested.net/index.php#contact

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

I think I have found where I must manipulate the content to direct it to the right place, it is in the OssnWall
in the file ossn_com.php as soon as I add another section the site crashes what should I modify in this page to add content without it crashing.

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

I will try to be as clear as possible, homepagepost is so that I can see from the side of friends only the posts of my friends it's his.

On the other hand on the public post he publishes the posts of all and my friends

I would like to make sure that on the homepage post we see that the public posts (group or page) and that my friends' posts are only visible in the friend section on the news page but I have created a new variable that can be confusing. I added a family and favorite list if we forget the option in the profile I created lists of friends with these names and I would like that when his person publishes he displays in their homepagepost section

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

I am still not able to understand exactly you trying to do. You are trying to create public , private friends , family profile view? so when its public it shows something else, if it friend it shows something else?